Word from the Movie Creator

Ever since I was born in 1977 the Star Wars
Universe has enthralled me. Ever since I can
remember I have had Star Wars action figures,
toys and anything I could get my hands on
dealing with Star Wars.

However, as I became a Professional Broadcast
Designer I started thinking about how I could
translate my talents to the Universe I have
always loved.

In early 2001 I started toying with the ideas
of a storyline for Boba Fett. I knew how I wanted
to portray my favorite character, yet I knew all I
had were the tools to build my dream. I needed a

Enter Jason, the Director of "The Last of the
Mandalores", who came into the picture in the
Summer of 2003. He gladly accepted to Direct the
trilogy I planned on making and brought a knowledge
I knew no other could bring to FanFilm moviemaking.

With the release of Part I on Christmas of 2003, we have
gotten to see our creation come to life. I have been
excited to see how my love of Star Wars has finally come
full circle. I thank everyone involved and the support
that I had in making dreams a reality.

Michael Galbavy
The Last of the Mandalores


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